Welcome to the Keys to Equity Program

WellNest has partnered with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services, Self-Help Credit Union, and the City of Oakland to deliver the Keys to Equity program, bringing more ADU’s to Oakland!


This new program helps to simplify the ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) construction process or bring an existing ADU up to code. Our revolutionary WellNest Pod® is specifically designed to help families and seniors maintain home ownership through the aging and senior care process.


Our goals for the Keys to Equity program:

• Help over 150 families build ADU’s over the next 3 years
• Help create a pathway to increased financial stability for

• Increase the supply of new housing units that’s affordable
  for residents, especially seniors!


Our contribution to the Keys to Equity program:

• Pre-designed ADU plans
• Streamlined permitting process
• Project management
• ADU construction
• Financing Assistance


The WellNest Company

The WellNest Company is a specialized Senior Care solution that provides independence, safety and affordability. Our revolutionary WellNest Pod® is specifically designed to help families and seniors maintain home ownership through the aging and senior care process.

Established in Oakland by Bay Area natives, The WellNest Company was created as an alternative to long-term care facilities and in-home medical care  after five siblings struggled to find affordable, consistent and trustworthy care for their dad.

The WellNest Company builds The WellNest Pod, a specialized medical suite built on your existing property that is designed to keep your aging loved ones in close proximity to family and community.

The WellNest Company also offers WellNest Care, a white-glove senior care services provider offering caregiving, laundry, house cleaning, food preparation, transportation, companionship, maintenance and 24-hour monitoring.

The WellNest Company mirrors the founders’ involvement in the Oakland community and exemplifies their mission to help save lives and restore dignity and independence to Seniors.


Keys To Equity

The WellNest Company in partnership with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services (RNHS), Self-Help Federal Credit Union (SHFCU), and the City of Oakland, and are launching a pilot program in Oakland that will remove the biggest barriers to ADU development facing local homeowners by:

  • Financing: Through a partnership between CZI and SHFCU, SHFCU has developed a customized ADU loan product with innovative mechanisms to allow more homeowners — especially those who’ve been disproportionately affected by systemic inequities in the housing system — to qualify for financing through this program.

  • Providing project management support: As the chief project manager, Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services of the East Bay (RNHS) will give homeowners one-on-one support, through the feasibility, design, financing, permitting, construction and tenanting process of ADU development.

  • Offering construction support: RNHS will work closely with The Wellnest Company, which will serve as the general contractor for the program. Through this partnership, construction costs and timelines will be streamlined and accessible for homeowners through regularly provided reports about the progress of ADU projects.

  • Streamlining the permitting process for homeowners: The City of Oakland is streamlining the ADU permitting process by instituting a new comprehensive and simplified permit application form, and establishing an online permit application submittal process.  

California and Oakland Housing Crisis

California’s housing affordability crisis, which stems from decades of discriminatory lending practices, racist housing policies, and structural inequities, has acutely impacted Black communities, as well as low- to middle- income homeowners across the state. (source)

Nowhere else has this been more apparent than in Oakland, which has experienced a 34% decline in Black residents since 2000, (source) Black homeowners and renters in Oakland are the most likely to be cost-burdened than any other racial or ethnic group (source).

Today, a white household is nearly two times more likely to own their home as a Black household (source). Black applicants were over two times as likely to have their loan application denied as white applicants (source). Addressing these disparities will take multiple strategies and active participation of many actors.

One immediate and innovative solution to these challenges is the construction of additional accessory dwelling units or ADUs. These secondary housing units, which share a lot with a larger, primary house, can add to the supply of affordable housing without the implementation of large-scale development projects in local communities.

Building an ADU is also far more cost-effective and time-efficient than the construction of traditional apartment units, especially given recent policy changes at the state and local level. (source) Despite these benefits, many residents lack the resources or the right financial tools to complete the ADU projects on their properties.

  • A recent study found that approximately 52,480 parcels in Oakland could accommodate an internal ADU and around 18,000 lots in Oakland could potentially accommodate a detached ADU. (source)

  • The addition of ADUs is especially beneficial for Black and low to moderate income homeowners, who are more likely to experience foreclosure, since it increases income security and greater flexibility for multi-generational living. (source)

  • Research has also found that in the Bay Area,high resource areas are both permitting and building ADUs, while low resource areas are slower to actually complete ADU construction. (source)

Learn more about The WellNest Company at wearewellnest.com.

Learn more about Keys to Equity by visiting keystoequity.org. 


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