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Caring for patient with Dementia

WellNest Care Services

Prevention is a WellNest core principle and we believe preventative care helps our beloved seniors thrive. Our team of care professionals provide the right care, in the right place, and at the right time.


Our Caregivers provide assistance for daily activities like personal care, medical needs, or disabilities



WellNest provides access to reliable transportation, ensuring seniors don’t miss important appointments



WellNest provides laundry service to clean clothing and linens which prevents exposure to allergens and bacteria   

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Our companions spend quality time with our seniors, which has been proven to prevent the negative effects of isolation


House Cleaning

Our house cleaning service provides routine cleaning to maintain a healthy living environment


24 Hour Monitoring

24-hour monitoring ensures our seniors independence, while loved ones and first responders are a just a touch away


Food Preparation

We provide complete meals with the proper nutrition that supports an aging immune system and helps prevent illness



WellNest provides professional maintenance services to help sustain a safe, healthy, and fully-functioning living space


WellNest Preventative Care. Be Well.

Stay close to your loved ones. Maintain independence, while eliminating the friction of travel and the dangers of living isolated from family. 

Health and safety are our highest priorities and we address the most common vulnerabilities of older adults in every decision we make. WellNest Care services are a comprehensive solution for our clients to get care when and how they need it. 

With one call, you get a compassion-driven team of trusted professionals who provide you with an experience that is simple, and affordable. 

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The Benefits of Caregiving

Caregivers take the struggle out of the everyday routine, eliminating challenges and boosting independence. While it’s not an easy job, being a support system is rewarding purely because you are caring for someone’s loved one. 

Being able to see the positives in a caregiving role is part of what allows many caregivers to be satisfied and find pride in their jobs.

Companionship is an essential part of living a more satisfying, happier, and longer life. Caregivers can provide compassionate companion care, encouraging seniors to continue engaging in their normal daily activities that bring them joy.


Why Professional Services?

Family members as a caregiver, generally have no idea how it could infringe on their day-to-day life. Simple daily activities or even leaving the house at a moment’s notice are no longer possible.

Caregiving can take both physical and psychological tolls on family members, and many caregivers experience symptoms consistent with depression. Overwhelmed with their responsibilities, many caregivers forget to take time for themselves, which can lead to burnout. 

Providing care services isn’t an easy job — and it only gets harder as loved ones age. When a family member plays the role of caregiver, it can take a toll on the family member’s job as well as their personal life.

Support the physical, emotional, and social well-being of your family and loved ones who require care by utilizing our professional caregiving services.


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